Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions at Fab. Please reach out if you require additional information.  

Product / Strength-Tolerance Levels

Dose levels varies from person to person, a general rule of thumb is suggested as follow:

Dosing recommendations for THC are suggested as follow:

Beginner: 0-10 times of THC under 10mg per dose in their lifetime.

Mildly High:10-20 times of THC 5-15mg per dose within a year. 

Moderately High:20-40 times of THC 15-30mg per dose within any 6 months.

Extremely High:20-40 times of THC  30-50mg within any 3 months.

Dosing recommendations for CBD are suggested as followed:

Mild: .25mg  x body weight           

Moderately High: .5mg  x body weight

Extremely High: .75mg  x body weight

Rule of thumb is just a guide to be adjusted by the user based on an individual’s tolerance level. You should bear in mind that these amounts may vary. It will depend on the strain you use and the effect you desire.

We know shopping for cannabis online can be difficult due to many disadvantages therefore, we always put ourselves in a “shoppers” point of view by being transparent and informative. We rate and grade our cannabis flowers to help us set a fair retail price for our customers by applying a few determining factors:

There is a two way step guide to determine the potency level of a strain.

1, Potency level is first, determined by the strain itself; using the highest reported THC levels within that strain to determine its Potency Potentials. Any strain is reported to possess a level of THC of 18% or higher is considered Potent. 

2, The next step is to determine the quality of the growth by examining resins, trichomes and density to determine Grade Value. The grading will help determine it’s potency state. 

  •  AA represents strains reached full maturity but slightly lacking in characteristics.
  •  AAA represents strains reached full maturity holding high characteristics. 
  •  AAA+ represents strains reached maturity but exceeded growth potential. 
  • AAAA represents strains that reached maturity but exceeded growth potential to an unreal stage. Kind of like comparing Elon Musk to the rest of us….you know. 
  • *hence, you may see an Extremely Potent strain Graded as AA. Although may not be the case all the time, there is a chance the Extremely Potent strain’s THC level may not reach the highest report percentage due to lack of characteristics. It may only hold the lowest or any given percentage within the strain. You then can apply that to make dosing judgements. 
  • Then there is the flavor and aroma profile.
  • Please note*  A strain’s Grade does not represent its potency level; it only represents its characteristics and we will not retail flowers which we feel did not reach maturity stage.

In order to better assist us with servicing the online cannabis community, your feedback (negative and positive) on any of our products is the key information when it comes to selecting vendors. 

We maintain a high support for our local cannabis enthusiasts-entrepreneurs and select our vendors based on the quality of their products. We require samples and apply a taste test before approving. We then monitor consistency from time to time by repeating these steps. In accordance with the above mentioned, we believe applying these methods will help us maintain a resourceful product line to meet customer requirements. 


To place an order:

* You must be over 19 years or older.

* Must have a valid shipping address.

* Use a valid payment method, we only accept interac e-transfer.

You will then receive an order confirmation email with payment instructions. Please follow instructions precisely to avoid any unwanted delay in processing. 

We vacuum seal all cannabis products for quality control. The product is then placed into a generic Canada Post envelope without any form of Cannabis advertisement on content. We take extra measures in providing complete discretion to keep you at ease while maintaining a high standard during the entire shipping process.

Yes, you can cancel, add or remove items from your order as long as it has not been shipped. Email us at support@cannafab.co or message us via live chat during business hours and we will confirm  the cancellation/changes and if required, issue a credit to your Cannafab account. * We do not issue refunds once payment has been processed.

Our points system is simple. 

  • For every $1 you spend you will earn 1 point.
  • For every 50 points will earn you $1 in value. 
  • Points are rewarded based on the total amount spent; after discount or promotion pricing and before tax and shipping charges. 
  • Example: A purchase of $50 before tax and shipping cost will earning you 50 points to be worth $1.
  • Example B: A regular priced item is retailed at $100; if you applied a 20% discount and paid only $80-you will earn 80 points not 100. 
  • CannaFab points are only redeemable to purchase products on our site and will not be remitted as actual currency.
  • We reserve the right to add or remove points in the event where a system error occurred which may result in over or under paid points. 

Orders are shipped within 24 hours after payment has been received.

Yes, we have customer representatives available that you can communicate with by email or via live chat. Our hours of operation are from 7:00am to 7:00pm EST and we can usually respond immediately or within 1-2 hour of your request.


Use your online banking or credit union to send an E-Transfer to us. It only takes a few minutes to do this and it’s safe.

*We do not accept “Money Transfers”

For any order over $150 (subtotal – before tax) and after discount, the shipping is free. We ship our orders via Xpresspost $15 Flat Rate and we provide a tracking number via email for you once the order has shipped. If you live in a remote area, your order may take a few extra days to reach you.

Taxes are not included in pricing. You will pay your provincial tax rate which is automatically calculated at checkout.

Shipping / Tracking / Handling

If you need to change your shipping address you can do so in your account profile. Feel free to reach out to our customer service team and they will be able to submit changes.

Your tracking number is emailed to you within 24 hour of payment confirmation. You can also track your order from your Cannafab account. 

We process orders and email tracking numbers as soon as payment is received. Tracking numbers are provided before packages are scanned by Canada Post and should show up within 24 hours. 

Typically there are two possible scenarios that could occurred:

  1. The postal worker delivered to the wrong mailbox due to an incorrect address or human error. Also, please check with your neighbour.
  2. The most common challenge is the postal worker will scan all of his packages saying they were “successfully delivered” and then spend the next day or two delivering them. If you did not get your package 2 days after the expected delivery date please contact us and we will start a trace.

If you don’t get your package after two days past the expected delivery date, contact us. We can do a trace with Canada Post. If it is stuck in transit status, it has to be over 30 days before it can be deemed loss.

If there’s a trace done, Canada Post will do an investigation which may take 21 business days to finish. If they are able to find the package, they ship it to you and you’ll receive it a few days later. 

We don’t offer refunds if the package arrives late due to postal issues. Order at your own risk, we are not responsible for any lost or stolen packages if your order is marked as delivered when tracking. 

Please make sure you provide us with the correct shipping address. We do not return packages that have  an incorrect shipping address. Please let us know if you receive your package at a community mailbox (we will send it with a signature required to prevent theft). We only ship out packages with “signature required” when requested.

Most people get their package on time or a day later. In many cases, the tracking isn’t updated due to missing a scan which is a common occurrence. If you don’t receive it 2 days after the expected delivery date, contact us and we will do a trace with the post office.

Refer a Friend Program

Welcome To Our Referral Network!

Thank you for visiting the CannaFab Referral program. As a company, we value honesty, transparency, and hard work. Our referral program is no different. Now is your chance to earn even bigger rewards promoting the most reputable cannabis company online.

Why Promote Us?

At Canna Fab, we have gone above and beyond to build a company that people can trust. When people think of Canna Fab, they think of superior quality products coupled with top of the line packaging and customer service. Our products are universally trusted thanks to their rigorous quality control standards.

Our Referral program is the most generous in the industry and one of the first to offer lifetime commissions on new customer referrals. 

Referral Commission Rate:

Your referral will get $25 upon signing up using the referral link.

You will be credited $25 once your referral completes first purchase plus the following for all future purchases;

  • 3% for each subsequent sale.
  • 2% for all discounted items.


Assumption 1: Your referred customer will be credited $25 instantly the moment they create an account with CannaFab.co. You will be credited $25 once they complete their first purchase.

Assumption 2: All of your referred customer’s future purchases at $150 (more or less) before tax and shipping costs, your referral earns his/hers points (150 points; $3.75 in cash back value) while you earn incentive at 3%-$4.50 in cash value. * 2% on all discounted items. 

It doesn’t stop there. You will repeatedly earn Assumption 2 every time your referral makes a subsequent purchase.

All percentages are calculated based on the total purchase price before taxes and shipping cost.

When you promote Canna Fab, you become a part of the team and we’ll go out of our way to reward accordingly. 


How Does It Work?

We work hand in hand with our loyal customers to ensure success. Our cookies last for 90 days so if a visitor that you send us makes a purchase during that time, you’ll be credited for the sale and earn a commission

Our Referral Program

You will have the option to choose from one of the following payment options;

A: You will be mailed/emailed a Visa/Mastercard gift card. A minimum withdrawal of $100 is required for this option.

B: Use funds to purchase your favorite products at CannaFab. No minimum amount required.

Once you’ve successfully referred 2 customers to CannaFab, You will then gain a “Referral Status” This referral status will allow you to convert and use your Points Rewards to combine with your Referral Rewards to top referral payment Option A. 

In order to refer a friend, you must be an existing customer with Cannafab who have previously made purchase(s).

Your referral must use the link provided, or submit your email address in the referral contact in order for you to receive incentive.

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