INDICA: 50%   SATIVA: 50%
  • THC: 18-24%
  • CBD: 1-3%
  • Grade: AAA
  • Resin: 85%
  • Bud Size: Small
  • Density: Average .5-1g per bud
  • Potency: May contain up to 240mg in 1g
  • Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Giggly

Please note; Popcorn buds generally contain a lower THC content compared to good top buds and are often just as good and enjoyable.

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Blackberry x Diamond OG

Although popcorn buds, not always, but often tends to have a lower THC content compared to good top buds. Black Diamond popcorn buds is a great daytime strain for all types of users.

Crossing Blackberry and Diamond OG to formulate a well balanced hybrid. On the other side, Diamond OG strain is pretty much loved by consumers for its long-lasting effect and high potency. It is bred in Northern California and is highly loved by medical cannabis users who are in need of a strong medication but still want to be active.

Effects: Using the Black Diamond strain would bring cerebral happiness. Numerous giggles may be heard from the user. Not only that, but a sense of physical relief may be felt as well. Another would be that it gives a great sense of sociability to the user. It is best used in engaging with friends or just merely catching up with your favorite series or movies.

Aroma: Black Diamond has a pungent, musky, and earthy smell that reminds you of red wine because of its sweet grape aroma.

Flavor: It has  a great aroma that carries over to its taste. However, it has a more pronounced earthy, sweet, and berry taste that will surely give you a euphoric feeling.

May Relief: Stress, Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Severe Anger Disorder, Chronic Pain

Adverse Reaction: Dry Mouth-10, Dry Eyes-4, Paranoia-3, Anxious-2, Dizzy-1

You may also want to check out other similar daytime hybrids like Blue Dreams and MK Ultra and Jack Herer

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