Black Nuken

Black Nuken


INDICA: 90%   SATIVA: 10%
  • THC: 13-25%
  • CBD: Unknown
  • Grade: AAA
  • Resin: 80%
  • Bud Size: Medium/Large
  • Density: Average 1.5-2g per bud
  • Potency: Extremely Potent; up to 250mg in 1g
  • Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Giggly
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Black Ice x Duke Nukem

A Canadian Indica dominant hybrid combining genetics from Black Ice and Duke Nuken. This Nuken blooms with rounded, dense buds covered in a blanket of crystal resin. Nuken is like a dangerously potent yet innocently sweet strain. Unlike most weeds with more or less the same potency.

Effects: While undeniably strong, this Nuken still leaves you functional enough to enjoy hobbies with the company of your friends. The onset starts with a cerebral stimulation that leads users into an uplifting euphoria and a happy state of mind. This head buzz often leaves users a little bit too giggly which makes it a good strain choice for social activities. There are also a few reports of the strain sending users into a deep introspection that has the tendency of feeling a bit spacey.

Aroma: Black Nuken can sometimes blossom with a wide range of purple tones and intensify when reaching full maturity. Along with its sweet tasting touch delivers a potent yet well balanced effect.

Flavor: This tough pot tastes more like candy, giving users an interestingly delicious high. 

May Relief: Stress-8, Pain-9, Depression-7, Muscle Spasms-5, Insomnia-5

Adverse Reaction: Dry Mouth-10, Dry Eyes-9, Paranoia-4, Anxious-3, Dizzy-1 

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3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams, 28 grams

1 review for Black Nuken

  1. Hi-Jagwar

    This indica is everything you would expect from a potent strain. It’s a smooth onset of relaxation, feels like a trip through the clouds of bliss. Great for increasing appetite and sleep problems. Tastes neutral, smells like weed, will give you what you want.

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