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Buddha | Crumble - Pineapple Express 1g

Buddha | Crumble - Pineapple Express 1g


  • Potency: Extremely Potent
  • Weight: 1g
  • THC: 75%/750mg/1g
  • Extraction: BHO

Buddha Crumble involves using Butane solvent-precisely controlled to reach required temperature range during each stage of production- resulting in extracts of high quality in all aspects.

Warning: * Extremely Potent. Only recommended for users who require a THC dose of 50mg and above. Effects vary on an individual basis. 
Assumption: 750mg in 1g; if 1g equals 15 dabs-each dab will contain 50mg of THC
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Pineapple Express Strain
Indica: 40% Sativa: 60%
Cross of Trainwreck with a Hawaiian strain resulting in a slightly Sativa heavy strain we now know and love “Pineapple Express”. Its parentage guarantees a strong, solid high, allowing you to stay in the clear, while enjoying a long-lasting creative surge. This means Pineapple Express has quickly become a favorite among those looking for an inspired afternoon of creating and a full-on focused cerebral experience.
Pineapple Express is a smooth criminal that will leave you feeling joyous and uplifted, and ready to go about a full day with much gusto. You will feel a sense of euphoria and a boost of energy from this popular strain. It is a definite mood-lifter, often leading creative types to come up with exceptional and unexpected ideas.
Pineapple Express has the ability to relax you without making you feel sleepy or tired, makes it the perfect daytime toke. It will keep you in a blissful mood, with a bit of daydreaming and laughter to keep you on your toes.
Effects: Creativity, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Uplifted
May Relieve: Chronic Pain, Loss of Appetite, Depression

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White Tahoe, Blue Diesel, Pineapple Express, Grape Pie


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