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Buddha | Shatter - God Father OG 1g

Buddha | Shatter - God Father OG 1g


  • Potency: Extremely Potent
  • Weight: 1g
  • THC: 80%/800mg/1g
  • Extraction: BHO

Buddha Shatter involves using Butane solvent-precisely controlled to reach temperature range during each stage of production- resulting in extracts of high quality in all aspects.

  • Warning: Extremely Potent. Only recommended for users who require a THC dose of 70mg or above. Effects vary on an individual basis.
  • Assumption: 800mg in 1g; if 1g equals 15 dabs-each dab will contain 53mg of THC 
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Godfather OG Strain 
Indica: 60% Sativa: 40%
Godfather OG strains are as rare as can get combined with a dangerous 28% of THC, one of the highest in history. It is also a past High Times Cannabis Cup winner of the best Indica strain. 
At first, it begins with an uplifting sensation as if a shroud is lifted off the head. Soon, smokers start feeling good and happy. As the effects intensify, the good mood turns euphoric. Pretty soon, its Indica side starts to work its way to the body, resulting in lessening tensions. In no time at all, Godfather OG puts users in a complete state of relaxation. With that being said, we can’t imagine what the effects are like amplified in Shatter form. The flavors of this strain are delightful as its odor is charming. Carrying over to its taste, the lingering tone of grape is a little more pronounced, which most people find delightful.
Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Creativity, Euphoric, Uplifted
May Relieve: Depression, Anxiety, Muscle Pain

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Girl Scout Cookie, Death Vader, El Jefe, Mango Haze, Strawberry, God Father OG, MK Ultra, Jack Herer, Super Silver Lemon Haze


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