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Budha | THC Tincture - Pineapple Express 500mg

Budha | THC Tincture - Pineapple Express 500mg


  • Volume: 30ml  
  • THC Content: 500mg
  • Flavor: Pineapple Express
  • Full Spectrum

Buddha THC extraction requires precise temperature control during each stage of production resulting in extracts of high quality in all aspects.

  • Assumption: 500mg in 30ml; 1ml will contain 16mg of THC

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When unsure, use the rule of thumb below and dose within your tolerance level.

  • Beginner: 0-10 times of THC under 10mg per dose in their lifetime.
  • Mild: 10-20 times of THC 5-15mg per dose within a year. 
  • Moderately High: 20-40 times of THC 15-30mg per dose within any 6 months.
  • Extremely High: 20-40 times of THC 30-50mg within any 3 months.

Rule of thumb is just a guide to be adjusted by the user based on an individual’s tolerance level. You should bear in mind that these amounts may vary depending on the effect you desire.

* Activation time frame can take up to 2 hours. Do Not consume more before the time frame is reached to prevent unintended experiences.


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