INDICA: 70%   SATIVA: 30%
  • THC: 21-26%
  • CBD: 1%
  • Grade: AAA+
  • Resin: 85%
  • Bud Size: Medium/Small
  • Density: Average .5-1g per bud
  • Potency: Up to 260mg/1g
  • Effects: Calming, Happy, Hungry, Relaxed

Note: AAA/AAA+ grade weed generally contain top THC range in any strain.

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x Bubba Kush

The Cali Kush strain is believed by many users to be Bubba Kush and due to its’ popularity amongst the work hard play hard community and from there it got renamed to Cali Kush. This one should be a great choice to use in a social gathering when chilling with friends.

Effects: This strain might be mostly Indica, but it still gives you a temporary head high that might even increase the level of alertness. As the physical high kicks in and work its magic on the body, you soon find yourself in a relaxing bliss.

Users of the Cali Kush would describe the effect of this strain as a mellow and calming sensation that increases in intensity slowly. In a matter of minutes, they feel a sense of overall happiness. For some people, they might even feel euphoric but not in a way that makes them highly active.

Aroma: Cali Kush strain has an incredible aroma that reminds you of lemon tea and a very distinctive pungent scent.

Flavor: The delightful aroma of Cali Kush carries over to its taste, but the skunky undertone and a hint of spicy aftertaste while exhaling make it taste even better.

May Relief: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Severe Anger Disorder

Adverse Reaction: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Anxious

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