Death Vader OG Shatter 1g | Buddha

Death Vader OG Shatter 1g | Buddha


  • Potency: Extremely Potent
  • Weight: 1g
  • THC: 80%/800mg/1g
  • Extraction: BHO

Buddha Shatter involves using Butane solvent-precisely controlled to reach temperature range during each stage of production- resulting in extracts of high quality in all aspects.

  • Warning: Extremely Potent. Only recommended for users who require a THC dose of 70mg or above. Effects vary on an individual basis.
  • Assumption: 800mg in 1g; if 1g equals 15 dabs-each dab will contain 53mg of THC     

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Shatter is known to attack the body with its immense power. Death Vader OG strain relaxes the body and complements well with the mental high as now one feels content. Meanwhile, the intense physical high also leaves users sedated, and as its effects fade, dreamland comes knocking on the door. 

Shop concentrates like Death Vader OG shatter made from only high quality flowers. Using high THC content dabs can help provide instant relieve of chronic pains, insomnia, stress, depression and sever anger disorder. It can also help with relaxation.

Dabbing has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its ability of providing instant effects at a high THC content per dab. Like smoking dry flowers, dabbing concentrates like Death Vader OG shatter provides instant effects. Unlike dry flowers, each dab contains high amounts of THC; each gram of any dabbing form will contain an average of 600-900mg of THC and should be use with caution. Use alone or as a top up in joints, pipe, bong or bowl to boost your favorite flower choice.

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